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Telephone/E-mail Contacts 

The main phone number for the Danforth (Main) Library at 250 Broadway  is 973-321-1223.  


Departments Acquisitions  x 2321 
  Art Collection  x 2294 
  Children's Librarian  x 2299 

main number rings here
  Community Learning Center  x 2322
  Local History Room  x 2295
  Maintenance connect via main number
  Outreach (incl. Bookmobile)  x 2323
  Reader (Adults) Services  x 2288
  Reference Room  x 2295
  Security  x 2227
  Technical Services  x 2320
  Teens  x 2288
Administration Library Director 973-321-1215
  Assistant Library Director  x 2294
  Administration - General  973-321-1217
  Business Department  x 2292
  Facilities 973-321-1216
  Fax 973-321-1205  
Branches Northside Branch 973-321-1309
  Southside Branch 973-357-3020
  Totowa Branch 973-942-7198

The main phone number for the Southside branch at 930 Main Street  is 973-357-3020.  

The main phone number for the Totowa branch at 405 Union Avenue is 973-942-7198.  

The main phone number for the Northside  branch within the Christopher Hope Center on Temple Street is 973-321-1309.  


Name Position Term expires
Maribel Garcia-Leon  President 12/31/2013
Derya Taskin Vice-President 12/31/2014
Irene Sterling Treasurer/Secretary 12/31/2015
Ansar Ahmed Trustee 12/31/2017
Doris Arnett-Gary Trustee 12/31/2016
Joshua Castaņo Trustee 12/31/2017
Nelly Celi Trustee 12/31/2014
Jeffery Jones Mayor
Pauline Boone Alternate for Mayor OPEN
Donnie W. Evans, Ed.d. State District Superintendent, 
Paterson Public Schools
Dennis Vroegindewey Alternate, State Superintendent 
Paterson Public Schools
Albert C. Buglione Board Attorney  


Mayor Jones swearing in the newest member of our Board of Directors, Ansar Ahmed.

Business Office/Department Heads

Director Cynthia Czesak 973-321-1215
Assistant Director Mary Wilson 973-321-1223 x2294
Adm. Secretary Paula Inturrisi 973-321-1216
Business Office Denise Powell 973-321-1223 x2292
Acquisitions Darlene Bowman 973-321-1223 x2321
Children's Librarian Gwendolyn Ndubuisi 973-321-1223 x2299 
Circulation/Adult Services Shombay Burton 973-321-1223
Community Learning Center Jacquelynn McAnuff 973-321-1223 x2322
Facilities Charles Graham 973-321-1216
Maintenance Roger King 973-321-1223
Outreach Librarian Tara Murphy 973-321-1223 x2323
Reference Kevin Mak 973-321-1223 x2295
Security Wayne Wilson 973-321-1223 x2227
Technical Services Luz Posada 973-321-1223 x2320 
Teen Librarian Michelle Petrasek 973-321-1223 x2288 
Totowa Branch  Susan Johnson 973-942-7198
Southside Branch Noel Cardona 973-357-3020 

Assembly Room
The Assembly Room is located on the top floor of the Main Library.  It is available for use, free of charge, by non-profit organizations.  The room is to be reserved in advance; please call 973-321-1217. 

Internet Research
There are internet facilities available to the public in the Reference Room and the Children's Department.  In addition, each branch has access to the internet.  Please note:  Patrons interested in using the internet services must ensure that they read our internet policy.

Additional Services
Computers for Microsoft word processing (WORD and Works), EXCEL, Publisher and PowerPoint are available in the Reference Room, in the Computer Clubhouse and in the branches.  In addition there is a typewriter in the Reference Room. 

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