Mayors of Paterson

1854 John J. Brown Whig
1855 Brant Van Blarcom Democrat
1856 Samuel Smith Democrat
1857-1858 Peregrin Sandford Democrat
1859 Silas D. Canfield Democrat
1860-1861 Edwin T. Prall Republican
1862-1865 Henry A. Williams Republican
1866 William G. Watson Democrat
1867 Henry A. Williams Republican
1868 Nathaniel Townsend Democrat
1869-1870 John Ryle Democrat
1871-1872 Socrates Tuttle Republican
1873-1874 Nathaniel Townsend Democrat
1875-1878 Benjamin Buckley Republican
1879-1880 Joseph R. Graham Democrat
1881-1882 David S. Gillmor Republican
1883-1886 Nathan Barnert Democrat
1887-1888 Charles D. Beckwith Republican
1889-1890 Nathan Barnert Democrat
1891-1892 Thomas Beveridge Republican
1893-1896 Christian Braun Democrat
1897-1903 John Hinchliffe Democrat
1904-1905 William H. Belcher Republican
19051 David Young (Acting Mayor)
1906-1907 John Johnson Democrat
19072 William Berdan (Acting Mayor)
1908-1913 Andrew F. McBride Democrat
1914-1915 Robert H. Fordyce Republican
1916-1919 Amos H. Radcliffe Republican
19193 Clifford L. Newman (Acting Mayor)
1920-1923 Frank J. Van Noort Democrat
1924-1927 Colin M. McLean Republican
1928 Raymond J. Newman Democrat
19284 Wilmer A. Cadmus (Acting Mayor)
1829-1937 John V. Hinchcliffe Democrat
1938-1939 Bernard L. Stafford Democrat
1940-1947 William P. Furrey Republican
1948-1951 Michael U. DeVita Democrat
1952-1955 Lester F. Titus Republican
1956-1959 Edward J. O’Byrne Democrat
19605 William H. Dillistin (Acting Mayor)
1961-1966 Frank X. Graves Jr. Democrat
1967-1971 Lawrence F. Kramer Republican
1971-19726 Arthur C. Dwyer (Acting Mayor)
1972-1975 Thomas Rooney Democrat
1975-1982 Lawrence F. Kramer Republican
1982-1990 Frank X. Graves Jr. Democrat
19907 Anna Lisa Dopirak (Acting Mayor)
1990-1996 William Pascrell Jr. Democrat
19978- Martin G. Barnes Republican
 2002  Jose "Joey" Torres Democrat
 2010  Jeffery Jones Democrat


1In 1905 David Young, president of the Board of Alderman, served as acting mayor when Mayor William H. Belcher resigned from office.

2In 1907 William Berdan, President of the Board of Finance, became acting mayor, when Mayor John Johnson died on September 24, 1907.

3Clifford L. Newman, president of the Board of Finance, became acting mayor in 1919 when Mayor Amos H. Radcliffe resigned to serve in Congress.

4Mayor Raymond J. Newman died June 13, 1928, five months and two weeks after he took office. William Cadmus, president of the Board of Finance, filled the vacancy until the general election in November when Mayor John V. Hinchliffe was elected for the unexpired term.

5Following the death of Mayor Edward J. O'Bryne on December 6, 1959, William H. Dillistin, president of the Board of Finance, served as mayor for the unexpired term ending December 31, 1960.

6Mayor Lawrence F. Kramer resigned from office to become the Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. Arthur C. Dwyer, president of the Board of Finance, became acting mayor October 15, 1971.

7Mayor Frank X. Graves Jr. died march 4, 1990. Anna Lisa Dopirack, Paterson Business Administrator, filled the vacancy until a general election was held in May, when Mayor William Pascrall was elected.

8Martin G. Barnes, 3rd Ward Councilman, became acting mayor in 1997, when Mayor William Pascrell resigned to serve in Congress. Elected mayor November 4, 1997 to finish William Pascrell's term of office.  Reelected May 12, 1998 to his first four-year term as mayor.

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