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Paterson Free Public Library Internet & Technology Use Policy

Mission:  The mission of the Paterson Free Public Library is to provide all library users with equal access to resources and to enrich their lives with knowledge, information, ideas, and education.


    The internet is a resource tool that is a worldwide entity with a diverse user population.  Our patrons access and use it at their own risk.   The Paterson Public Library does not monitor information accessed over the internet and cannot guarantee the validity or accuracy of information found on the internet.  Library users are advised, as with all library materials, to exercise judgment, patience and discrimination when evaluating the usefulness and reliability of materials found on the internet.

    The Paterson Public Library recognizes that tastes vary widely in a given community, and an item that is pleasing to one patron may be unacceptable to another member of the public.  We reserve the right to judge what is "acceptable" in our library.

    Paterson Public Library users have the right of confidentiality in all their activities with resources and services provided by the Paterson Free Public Library.  The Library supports user's rights to privacy; however, users are advised that because internet or computer security is often technically difficult to achieve and nothing is totally secure, electronic communications and files can become public.

        Patrons using the internet are advised to read very carefully the following rules and regulations, and to obey them:  

Parents or guardians of children/young adults under the age of eighteen (18) should know that a library card gives a child filtered access to the internet. 

Every user has a minimum of 30 minutes to use the internet.  Librarians or staff have the right to end internet sessions when time limits are exceeded or sensibilities offended or when deemed necessary.  The internet, like all of the Library's information resources, must be shared and used in a manner which respects the rights of others.  

Although security software is installed on our computers, parents and guardians, not library personnel, are responsible for the internet information selected or accessed by children.  Please ask our staff for recommended educational/research web sites and internet resources.  

Changing or damaging the set-up of the equipment, altering or damaging software or data, and the propagation of computer viruses are prohibited.

The Library does not permit downloading of any software, including drivers, from the internet onto our computers.  

Patrons who fail to abide by the policy will have their internet privileges revoked or suspended, at the discretion of the Paterson Public Library staff.  




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